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At HardTechTV, it is our goal to be clear and transparent with you.  As you probably have seen, the publishing business is under massive pressures and transformation.  Making engaging content is expensive and the traditional ad supported model is no longer sufficient to sustain the business model.  This is why print newspapers are slowly going away and it is why many online publications struggle to get off the ground.

But nonetheless, it is our collective mission to produce compelling content for our audiences and we believe it is an honest way to make a living, so we’re not going to give up. HardTechTV is an attempt to solve the problem of producing the highest quality content while still sustaining our business operations, covering the costs to host and maintaining our site, pay our writers, editors and video production crews.

In order to make ends meet, we do regularly work with corporate sponsors, serve advertisements and affiliate links throughout the site and in our email communications.  Please note that we will always disclose which content is sponsored.  But do also please keep in mind that any or all of the links on HardTechTV are affiliate links or links to sponsors.  When you purchase or visit external links to sponsors or affiliate programs, you support the continued growth of HardTechTV, and our ability to continue bringing you educational content, informative articles and research, and an inside peak at the way the hardware universe operates.  Our ultimate goal is to help you be more successful in your own endeavors.

We will only link to products that we feel fit within the overall message of HardTechTV. It is our goal to only recommend and review products we would endorse even if there was no affiliate relationship or sponsorship in place.  We share these links with you to help you find items that help you be better technologists or that otherwise provide you with the tools and resources you might need as you continue to grow as makers.

Current Affiliate Relationships

When you click a link to any of the affiliate programs that we participate in, and make a purchase, we will earn a small commission.  This does not increase the total cost to you.

ebay: HardTechTV is a member of the ebay partner network, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to

AvantLink: HardTechTV is registered with AvantLink, an affiliate advertising platform designed to provide a means for publishers like us to earn commissions by advertising and linking to third party merchants and advertisers.

Current Sponsorships

Sponsors generously underwrite the content on HardTechTV, though they do not influence it in any way.  When you visit their sites and purchase from them, you help sustain their commitment to quality content production. Only a small fraction of our content is sponsored native advertising. Content produced in partnership with sponsors will be clearly labeled as sponsored content.

Brand Ambassadorships

Past and Other Relationships


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